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A type of Web site that allows users to easily add and edit content using any Web browser

A wiki is a type of Web site that allows users to easily add and edit content using any Web browser. This sort of Web site is especially suited to collaborative writing. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and cross-links between internal pages.

In essence, a wiki consists of a simplified HTML Web page creation tool and a system that records every change made to the site. This second feature allows users to revert a page to any of its previous states at any time. A wiki system may also provide various tools that allow users to easily monitor the constantly changing state of the wiki and discuss any issues about the wiki content that emerge.

Protective Measures

Wiki service can be provided by a public wiki server, such as Wikipedia  or WikiWikiWeb , or by software that lets you put a Wiki service on your own Web server. If you use a public server, the owners of the Wiki are responsible for implementing protective measures; however, if you use your own server, you should follow the protective measures for Web publishing.

Legal Issues


Information published on a wiki is subject to the same legal and ethical guidelines as any material posted on the Internet. This means that publishing false or inaccurate information or violating intellectual property can make you subject to prosecution.


Most wikis have an open philosophy that allows anyone to edit content. Unfortunately, this means that malicious editors can easily sabotage the site.



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